Join the Race Against the Global

Inactivity and Poverty Crisis

A Global Movement – 100 Million Families Moving the World

Kids around the world are experiencing an “Inactivity Pandemic” causing…

  • decreased Health & Wellness

  • Poor Academics

  • Lack of Character

The current trends, data and research suggest our children will not live as long, and will be less prosperous and less happier than we are. That doesn’t sound too promising (click here for the data)


60 minutes of physical activity each day helps our children be healthier, do better in school and develop better character.

It's a mindset and lifestyle that we as adults are responsible to teach them.


Enroll your child in the Great Global Race and participate as a family to get healthy, wealthy and wise together.

A Four Year "Virtual Race" experience with millions of other kids and families around the world getting more active and experiencing a global education - because they want to!

Acting now can change your child’s life today and exponentially increase their chances for success in life.

It’s FREE – Get started now!

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80 Countries Visited & Embraced – Becoming a real Global Citizen

Learning about a different Olympic country every leg (2 weeks) of the 4 year virtual race with one month for Tokyo 2020 and one month for Beijing 2022

100 Million Kids, Parents and Grandparents Learning & Exercising Together

A Revolutionary Learning and Engagement Platform

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Kid-driven, Game based Learning

Physical Activity

Health & Fitness Monitoring

Blockchain technology

Introducing the “Family Health & Wealth Club”

Each child or parent will be encouraged to invite the other family members, including the grandparents, to participate in a daily health & fitness challenge – regardless of where they may be or what time of the day it is.

Turning the Tide on the Global Inactivity and Poverty Crisis

Official Launch December 3, 2018

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