Using Gaming to Drive Physical Fitness and Wealth Creation in a Global Race to the Beijing 2022 Olympics

How the Race Works

Families (kids and their parents and grandparents) participate in the Great Global Race to see which country has the “Healthiest, Wealthiest and Wisest” kids and families in the world.

They will participate in a combination of game-based learning of the principles of health, wealth and character, along with physical activities outside of the game – this is how they will progress in the game for each leg of the race – as each participant reports on their progress.

Each leg will be 2 weeks – and will be focused on a specific country that has earned at least one Olympic medal over the years.

The official global race will start on November 2, 2018 and the first half will run for 20 months up to the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. Then the next half will start in Aug 2020 and run for 19 months up to the 2022 Beijing Olympics.

In each 2 week leg the students will learn and experience the culture of the highlighted country as well as inspirational stories about that country’s Olympic athletes. The exception will be in July 2020, the students will spend the full month in Tokyo and Japan to experience the summer Olympics and in 2022 they will spend a full month in Beijing and China with the winter Olympics.

The country with the highest average health and wealth rates for their kids and their families, along with the highest participation rate in their country, will be deemed the global leader with the healthiest, wealthiest and wisest families.

All throughout each leg of the race there will be prizes and rewards for individuals, families, teams and countries that excel.

Connecting Generations

It has been proven that learning happens better when the family is involved. Parents/Grandparents – College Kids – Kids Bring them together to learn and outcomes will increase for all participants. Our communities, workplace and country will all benefit by using technology to bring generations together.

Participant Driven

Utilizing our family-driven, game-based learning platform all generations are motivated to participate in their own ways. The adults become relevant in the kids digital world and able to pass along their values and wisdom in the game and through our Facebook/WeChat bots. Kids benefit in the game when their parents and grandparents report on their physical activities.

Quick and Lasting Results

As quick as the first week, the kids and adults will start experiencing the results of learning, applying, sharing, experiencing and reflecting on the simple life-skills that are required to be successful. The family knows when accomplishments are made and are encouraged to celebrate in their success. This creates a culture of achievement and success that feeds on itself.

Extremely Scalable

By design, our platform is localized for each country that can scale up to millions of students and allow for each one of them to experience an individual learning experience, so when the time comes, they will stand out in the crowd. Each student is connected to at least 4 adults – all of whom can join the student in their learning and even apply for one of the 21st century coaching positions in the game.

Cultural Understanding

Students from all around the world will be in the game together learning from each other and becoming more familiar with each other’s cultures. The kids and coaches benefit from being in an English speaking environment with team mates that speak English. The US kids and coaches will also learn other languages and cultures.

What the Kids do in the Race

Download the app and start playing the game

Invitations will be distributed through many different channels and partners. These partners will fund the initial registration fees of $16-$30/year.

Get assigned to your village/team with your team mates and coaches

The child will be assigned to a village/team where 500-1000 other kids from around the world have been assigned, and a couple of Kid Coaches are managing the affairs of the village and team activities.

Invite the Parents and/or Grandparents to Join the Family Health & Wealth Club

Once they’ve registered and the child has had a chance to play the game, the parent or grandparent will be invited by the child to join the chat group to start participating and contributing to the progress of the child. There will be other opportunities for families to pay extra for additional content and services like additional coaching time.

Work with your global team mates to create and manage wealth

Each day for 30-60 minutes the child completes quests and team missions to learn the skills necessary to level up in the game. They benefit, their team benefits and their country benefits. As they are learning how to create and manage wealth, they are also learning good character. They also learn 21st century skills such as team work, cultural understanding, languages, critical thinking and creativity.

Exercise with your family members

The child is motivated to exercise and play sports in their real life so they can report that activity back in the game and benefit from that. They also benefit from the physical activity their parents and grandparents do on a daily activity. The adults will report their activity in the bot enabled Family Health & Wealth Club.

Real time Leaderboard reporting on the kids, families, villages and the country’s progress

All activity and reporting by the kids, teams and adults in the game is compiled in real time and drives the leaderboards for individual kids, their teams, their families and their country. Kids, teams and families leaderboard progress will be determined by the health, wealth and character activities. The country’s ranking will be determined by a calculation of the average student and family scores, together with the ratio of participating kids in that country.

What Motivates the Kids

Kids love to play games and compete with other kids from all around the world.

In the kid-driven, game-based learning platform, the kids will be motivated by the following things:

  • Get coupons from corporate sponsors for their accomplishments
  • Earn certificates from colleges in the US and China as they complete their learning in the health and financial areas
  • These accomplishments will all be put in their “Virtual Resume” that will keep track of their learning and experience from the time they start the game
  • They will get daily experience dealing and working with other kids in other cultures. They will create a key skillset of the global worker
  • As they accomplish certain things they may receive rewards from their parents and grandparents
  • They will also earn cool items from the competition and school
  • They will be recognized by their peers, their family and government for their accomplishments
  • They will develop global friends from their team that could last them a lifetime

What Does it Cost?


$ Free

per Month
  • Unlimited access to the game-based learning platform for the year
  • Wealth Creation training – learn the 21st century skills of making and managing money
  • Health & Fitness training – be a part of the Great Global Race for the next 4 years experiencing 80 countries and 2 Olympics
  • Set up Family Health & Wealth Club – invite parents and grandparents to participate
  • Global leadership training
  • Motivate to connect and compete with parents and grandparents


$ 40

per Year
  • All BRONZE features
  • Get the “FitWatch” and personalized reporting – parents and grandparents will have to pay for theirs
  • Daily coaching by US English speaking college student (as a team)
  • Technology training – how to properly use technology
  • Team work curriculum – how to work in a global team and connect with global peers daily
  • Motivate to study harder in school – academics motivator
  • Enhanced family fitness reporting


$ 30

per Month
  • All BRONZE and SILVER features
  • Private US college kid coaching and motivation as part of a global team of peers
  • Access to better rewards and incentives from partners
  • Top status in the game with peers
  • Unlimited use of English language learning program with unlimited access to practice with English speaking peers


  • Help Solve the Global Health Crisis
  • Help Solve the Poverty Crisis
  • The Upcoming Generations Need to Develop Good Character
  • A Critical Need for Cultural Understanding
  • Generations Need to be Connected and Relevant to Each Other Again
  • Kids Need More Learning than they are Receiving in School